Santa Nate Public & Private Appearances

$195/60 mins     $160/45 mins     $130/30 mins

Multiple Hours Discounted Customary Rates
$170/3-4 hours     $150/5+ hours

Christmas Eve Until 5pm
$295/60 mins     $240/45 mins     $195/30 mins

Christmas Eve After 5pm
$350/60mins     $295/45 mins     $250/30 mins

Christmas Day
$500/60 mins     $425-45 mins     $350/30 mins

                                    Photographer for Santa Nate Appearances

We can schedule a photographer to capture the magic moments of your Christmas event. Staged and candid poses plus interactions with your guests for lasting memories. The photos can be downloaded at the event, delivered later on a USB drive or sent via email. The published prices include professional photographer and their equipment but edited images will be an additional fee. Travel time might be needed as well.
$60-$85 per hour

                                       Photos Promoted on Santa Nate Pages

Santa Nate and his photographer will cull the photos and post on the Facebook event page, your page, Santa Nate's page along with his partner pages for massive exposure and your guests delight! This massive exposure option's rate is tied to the quantity of photos and the timeframe to post.

                                                  Santa Nate's Traveling Elves

Santa Nate and his clients sometimes need help to herd the parents, and kids, but mainly to keep things organized and festive. An elf or two by his side makes it more efficient and keeps the Christmas Magic flowing smoothly! Santa Nate has cute, loving, funny and smart elves that are usually available for the trip from the North Pole.
$25-$50 per hour

                                               Event Page Build and Promotion 

Santa Nate will build a Facebook event page to showcase your event and spread the message that SANTA is COMING!
This includes multiple co-hosts, unique content creation and several posts weekly. Invitation of maximum allowed friends and extensive promotion on Santa Nate's pages along with his partner pages. Santa Nate will mine and load content relative to your brand and entice clients to attend with an exclusive Santa Nate custom video. Upon completion of the event, Santa Nate will post all photos that are given to him on the event page and promote them across all of Santa Nate's pages and partner pages for maximum exposure. This is a VERY effective marketing option and a great way to THANK your clients and guests.